How to get Addons To Work with Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 and Basic Addon Installation

Skip the bolded text if you do not have Vista or Windows 7

For Windows 8, skip to bold text that says Windows 8 and NHL09

Turn Off UAC (User Account Control)
For Instructions go here Disable User Account Control (UAC) the Easy Way on Windows Vista :: the How-To Geek

restart your PC.

Install the game in C:\Program Files\EA Sports\NHL 09 folder for 32bit XP/Vista/7 or C:\Program Files (x86) \EA Sports\NHL 09 folder for 64bit XP/Vista/7. This is the main game folder.

Put the Addon tools in the main game folder, you can get them here
NHL09 Tools

Download addon and put the addon in the main game folder, run the bat file and then run BHImport

If the addon does not contain a bat file to install it. You can download the Addon Installer. Just Unzip to the main game folder and run the addon installer bat file and then run BHImport

To get Faces and Goalie Addons to work in NHL09, you need to hexedit the faces.viv file.  ModifyFaces does it for you.  You can get it here.

Choice and 64bit OS

It is delete

It should work. If not, go into the systems32 folder and copy choice.exe and paste it to the main game folder.

Windows 8 and NHL09

1) Make sure you are on an administrator login

2) Locate the 'EA Sports' folder inside Programs Files x86

3) Right click > Properties

4) Go to the security tab

5) Select your username in the user groups list and click 'Edit'

6) Ensure 'Full Control' is ticked in the permissions box. Save the changes and then try and use the add-on installer with something.

The way to turn off UAC in 8 is different then it is in Vista and 7.

How to Turn Off UAC in Windows 10

Quote Originally Posted by kpcompguy at TBN
Ok, after nearly giving up and reverting my gaming machine back to windows 7, I ran across a thread here that helped me but it was in a different language. I, like many, have been having one biotch of a time getting NHL 09 to work after installing any addons involving rosters. Just like windows seven, you have to disable the UAC. Here is the problem, if you simply move the slider down in windows 8 or 10, it will not completely disable it. so before you do this, download everything because you might lose internet when you edit the registry. The only way I have found that works was from a french member of this site. He edited the registry but his post was in a different language. To get into the registry from windows 8, simply search for "regedit". Windows 10 has a search bar on the standard desktop toolbar and you can type in "regedit" and run the program. go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Policies\System. double click EnableLUA. Put a 0 on for the value. restart the machine. run the addon updates like normal. go back and change the value back to 1 and restart your machine after you verify that the game starts without crashing. It worked for me. I now have it running well on two machines with updated rosters and windows 10. Hope this helps.

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