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Welcome To Arenacenter's NHL 2000 Roster Page.  Arenacenter's NHL 2000 Roster's are the most up to date and accurate NHL 2000 rosters on the Web today. They will include all the players who are playing this year that has played at least one game.  All teams have all the goalies that have played one game this season plus any team that only used 2 goalies, another goalie is added.

June 30, 2006
The Lightning acquired Marc Denis from the Columbus Blue Jackets on Friday for winger Fredrik Modin and goalie Fredrik Norrena (2004-06 only).
Brad Richards given the A on Tampa Bay

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Roster Text File With No Player Movements.

My text file on my roster changes until April 19, 2005 includes player movements up to April 19, 2005

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